• Covid-19 Precautions Covid-19 Precautions

    We are currently still having our paddles but with the following guidance for Covid-19 precautions. We'll keep this page updated on any changes as the season progresses.


    • Face masks need to be worn when on land prior to launching. Once on the water you can take them off.
    • Paddle in smaller separated groups. Even in your small group try not to get close and still maintain recommended social distancing. (No rafting up)
    • Make sure you are prepared to self rescue (bring those paddle floats) and with the colder water this time of year make sure you have proper warm gear.
    • Wear masks again when back on land and helping others with their kayaks
    • If socializing after the paddle make sure to still proper social distancing. If properly distanced can go without masks again if you prefer.
    • If there are more than 10 people at a paddle then fully split off to two groups for any paddling or socializing.
    • If you feel ill in any way, please avoid paddling with the group.


    We do realize that this can be a difficult decision on how to handle kayak season this year. If you are not comfortable paddling then we certainly understand that. If you are comfortable with getting together and fully understand the Covid-19 recommendations (always social distance, have a mask available) then lets all be understanding of that decision as well.