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    Quick Basic Instructions (If you have trouble send an email to info@paddlepushers.com or see Detailed Instructions below)

    Subscribe Send an email to paddlepushers+subscribe@groups.io and info@paddlepushers.com with your first and last name in the message

    Send Message to Group Just send an email to paddlepushers@groups.io

    Detailed Instructions

    To Subscribe

    To receive emails sent to our group you will need to subscribe using the following steps. Once your request to subscribe is approved you will begin to receive emails sent to our group email address.

    1. Click on this link paddlepushers+subscribe@groups.io which will open your email client program.
      Note If your email client doesn't open then just open it yourself and send an email to paddlepushers+subscribe@groups.io and info@paddlepushers.com 
    2. In the message body type in your First and Last name. This is required, If we don't know an actual name it may not be approved.
    3. Verify that your email client From address is set to the one you want to subscribe. Note that iCloud email accounts won't work
    4. Send the email.
    5. Your will receive a validation email with the subject "Confirm Your Groups.io Subscription", click reply and then send.
    6. Once approved you will get an email with the subject "Welcome to paddlepushers@groups.io"
    7. You are now setup to send messages to the group (see To Post a Message below).

    Optional: At this point you don't have any login setup to the Groups.io site. You don't need one to send messages but if you'd like one setup (allows you to see archived messages and setup preferences) then go to https://groups.io/g/paddlepushers/editsub and follow their onscreen instructions to either Register (permanent login) or "Email me a link to login" which will give you a temporary login via your email address.

    To Post a Message

    In order to post to the group click on this link paddlepushers@groups.io (or send an email to that email address). Only valid members are able to send to the group. Make sure when sending that the from email address in your message is the same email address you used to subscribe to the group. That's how it determines valid members within the group.

    All messages sent through this group are prefixed with [Paddle Pushers]. If you want to reply to the specific topic just hit reply or click the link "Reply to Group". You can also reply to only the current sender using the link "Reply to Sender". The "Mute this topic" link will allow you to stop receiving further replies from other members on this topic.

    Group Email List

    Our email list is managed as a groups.io site. To see our main group page go to https://groups.io/g/paddlepushers Futher help for this new email list can be found at their site of https://groups.io/helpcenter. The following are some further email addresses that might be of value.